March 2, 2015
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How to Advertise

Put WBHJ-FM to Work for You
At WBHJ-FM, JAMZ 95.7, our job is very simply to connect our advertisers with our listeners in the most powerful and cost-effective way. To help achieve that promise, we can offer you a number of components to create a true integrated marketing solution for your business.

Station Overview
WBHJ is Birmingham's top-ranked station in all young adult demographics.

- WBHJ ranks 2nd among All Urban stations nationwide.
- WBHJ has an exclusive listenership in many demographics that cannot be reached anywhere else.
- Urban is Birmingham's #1 format.

Contact Information

Name / Title Phone / Email
Kim Patton
General Sales Manager
Ph: (205) 397-2565
Fax: (205) 397-2565
David Walls
Director Of Sales
Ph: 205-916-1109    
Fax: 205-916-1109

Advertising Solutions

On-Air advertising solutions

- Commericals
- Remotes
- Sponsorships
- Endorsements
- Events

Online advertising solutions

- Email Marketing
- Streaming Commercials
- Featured Advertiser listings
- Custom Channels
- Sponsorships
- Banners / display advertising

Want to be Spotlighted?
Becoming a Spotlighted Advertiser is open to all on-air advertisers as a way to extend your advertising campaign and provide additional reach with our listeners on our web site searching for client information. Spotlight Advertisers receive Featured Advertiser Listings which include prominent display in our Recent On Air Advertiser list, On demand replay of the on-air commercial, a link to the advertiser web site, a link to a special offer, coupon or more information page on our site, the ability for users to watch a slide show or video about the service or product being advertised plus a premium listing in our site's city business directory (where available) and of course, spotlight search results appearing with any searches using keywords from the advertiser's on-air advertisement.

Want to Advertise on this Station?
Thank you for your interest in advertising with Summit Media. If you would like more information about how Summit Media can tailor an advertising solution to meet your needs, please contact us.

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